How to care for Your Night/Thermal Vision Equipment

Night vision equipment has proven its usefulness and necessity time and time again ever since it entered our lives. This device has long been appreciated in different structures and spheres of life. Starting from military and combat situations, for which it was originally designed, up to simply hunting or guarding one’s own property. Progress develops this device and offers us with time its different variations, models, types, which differ in the principle of work or already its quality. But anyway, no matter how rapid progress is, no matter how far it would lead each invention that is introduced into our lives, the banal things always remain the same.
Just look now at the flea markets or antique stores, how many wonderful things from the past we can buy to delight our eyes. And most importantly, that they are still in good condition. Of course, if the thing is of good quality, well made, then surely the device or some thing will serve a very long time and probably will live for more than one generation. But not only this plays a key role, but also the proper care of your acquisition. After all, even the most expensive thing, completed with the highest quality materials can be rendered unusable in a very short period, if you do not know how to take care of it.  And this applies to absolutely everything. That is why when you choose something for yourself, especially something that costs a lot of money, and if you hope for a long and faithful service of this device, then in addition to its technical characteristics you have to enter well into the question of the operation and proper maintenance of the device.

Steps you can take to maintain excellent performance

Understanding the importance that you have to ensure all the necessary conditions for your appliance, here are a few simple and straightforward steps you can take that will help extend the life of your valuable and important appliance.
As a person who constantly works with technology you probably remember that in spite of all the improvements, some things no matter how durable they seem – they still have fragile parts that require careful handling and professional intervention, if necessary. That’s why you shouldn’t disassemble your scope yourself. If you notice that there is something wrong with your device, then contact the manufacturer, a special service, which will professionally with special equipment to examine and fix the failure. Do not forget that you cannot touch the lenses with your hands. You can never guarantee absolute sterility of your fingers, no one has canceled the existence of sebum, which can stain the special coating of the lens and thereby damage it. So when you buy a device, ask the consultant for special products, special rags with which you will clean the device from dust and dirt that can get inside while using it. After all, there are care kits for such optics. And they should be your masthead if you own a night vision device and appreciate the money you spend on it. Among other things, you should store it in a dry place. Moisture is the worst enemy of such devices. Even if it says in the specs that your scope or glasses are waterproof, it’s better not to take the risk and provide it a dry place. That way you will definitely be out of any risk zone. The next point to consider is that if you are not going to use the device in the near future, it is better to remove the battery from it. This is necessary in order not to damage the internal systems of the device and God forbid, the batteries leak. Remove them and store them in a cool, dry place.
And of course you should not shake the device like a crystal vase, presented by your beloved mother-in-law, because it is specially designed not for the delicate conditions, but it does not tolerate negligent attitude. If it is lying in a box during the trip, for example, control that it does not wobble in the car in different directions. So that when you come to the hunt, you will not get an unpleasant surprise as a non-functioning prop.
Keeping in mind such simple, though obvious things, you will enjoy the quality work of your night vision device for a long time to come.

Cleaning your equipment

It is not necessary to explain how important it is to know how to clean your night vision device properly. But we would like to draw your attention to the fact that those devices that you use for cleaning your other equipment (for example, binoculars, rangefinders and other optical devices), it is better not to use when cleaning the device that improves your ability to see in the dark.
We mentioned above that there are special lens care kits for sale that will cost no more than $20. You can also use a camera cleaning cloth to wipe them down. Sometimes care tools come with the sale of the device. Dust from the surface of this device can be removed with compressed air. You may think of a keyboard cleaner, but this is not recommended for the reason that there is a lot of moisture in this kit. And this, as you remember, is not at all favorable for the night vision device. In that case, it is better to pay attention to a manual compressor for SLR cameras. To this care kit, you can also add paper for camera lenses. Their uniqueness and practicality of use is that it’s a disposable item, and every time you use it, you know you’re taking clean material and it’s safe for your lenses.  Plus on top of all of the above, check out the lens handle. A great thing to ensure safe cleaning of device and prevent dirt from sticking to it.


And in conclusion, I want to emphasize the following points. Don’t forget that the lenses of your night vision device should be protected from bright light sources. So don’t remove the protective cover during the day and don’t turn the device on. Because there is a great risk that with such manipulations you will only damage the integrity of this device. As for its storage, it is better to keep the UAV in a cool dry place, away from places where there are heat sources, naked wires or easily flammable materials.
That’s all there is to it. Be careful with your new acquisition, read carefully the instruction manual and then it will serve you for a long time and will be a faithful assistant in the implementation of your plans.

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