How to Avoid Thermal Imaging Devices

It is safe to say that the thermal imaging camera is a unique technological breakthrough of our time. This device has proven to be excellent in the field of military operations or in hunting, for those who have decided to go on a sortie in the dark time of day. This equipment is predominantly its characteristics and principle of operation. Unlike other devices, which are used to improve visibility and the spectrum of vision, it is not so fastidious to created conditions in which it is used. For example, it is not afraid of complete darkness, unlike conventional goggles or night vision sights, which amplify and process the weak light reflected from the surface of the surrounding objects. He also without difficulty will show the desired object of observation through obstacles and in foggy weather because the infrared sensors, through which he works, scans the emitted heat of your intended target. But at the same time it can be a serious problem for those who want to hide from the surveillance. And at once we want to notice that to hide from this device is a task from the area of “mission impossible”. But there are some tricks that can confuse the observer.

What Is Thermal Imaging Technology?

We already mentioned in the introduction that this device works with infrared sensors. Infrared light is a phenomenon which is not visible to the human eye, but which any warm-blooded organism or warm object is endowed with.  And as such, an object endowed with at least approximately room temperature radiates these waves. So then what to say about a human or an animal with its electromagnetic field and the range of its radiation.
These sensors, by scanning space through special optics, give the observer an outline of the objects around them on the display. The picture you see as a result is either black and white, with all the bright areas indicating that there are objects radiating heat in the radius of view, and depending on their temperature, you can see the desired object due to the contrast. Or you will see as if their aura in warm shades, respectively where blue will be highlighted cold areas of space.
Then what action should you take to hide from observation?  

How Can You Hide From Thermal Imaging Technology?

Well, these tips are unlikely to help animals that want to hide from the hunter. But for a person in such extreme conditions, who does not want to be detected, they can be useful. The essence of the use of all these techniques is mostly aimed at either reducing the area of infrared radiation, or on the contrary, to increase it. As we mentioned above, it is impossible to reach an absolute. And let’s dispense with the black humor. After all, the goal of the mission is to survive, although no one guarantees the absence of trouble either. 
So we have divided these methods into two categories. Let us consider the first one in detail. In this case, you can use an emergency thermal mylar blanket. It will block IR radiation due to the material from which it is created. But your electromagnetic field will still leak through the gaps and it has a way of storing the heat it receives from your body. Or use a very thick and sturdy blanket, but the principle is the same here. A special Ghilie suit or a thick net will also help to dissipate your heat signature. Thanks to these items your heat signature will not be as intense. As for the use of glass, this technique is very controversial. Of course, if you have an opportunity to hide behind some windshield, because glass is opaque to thermal imaging, then do not neglect this possibility. But the impracticality of this method is precisely that during your immersion in such extreme conditions you are unlikely to burden yourself with a huge sheet of your own height to hide behind it in case of emergency. The most important thing that you should remember in these moments is that all these are only temporary props or shelters, and you cannot keep yourself safe by being in them all the time, for the reason that you heat them up. So sooner or later you run the risk of being discovered.
As for the second category of methods that you can use in this situation, I think it’s more practical and safer. Because having behind you and blending in with objects that emit a temperature at least close to your body temperature, you will be like a chameleon. It can be detected, but you have to make no small effort to be seen and hit the exact target. The real problem comes when there are no such objects in your field of action.
What’s the bottom line with all of the above? There is no definite recipe, no methodology that will hide you from those watching you through the thermal imaging camera. These are possible options, the knowledge of which may be useful to you in life and will protect you at least a little bit, if you orient yourself in time in such a situation. 

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