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The BioMat and Far Infrared Radiation

One of the main tools the BioMat uses if Far Infrared Radiation, or FIR. For centuries, we have used heat to keep us warm. Fires, heating pads, space heaters-all of these warm our skin and keep us from the cold, but none of these methods are as effective as natural sunlight.

Plants needs sunlight to survive. Similarly, humans do too. Though, just as we can survive off of coffee and soda rather than water, we make do with light bulbs and high heating bills when we can’t get out in the sun. It’s passable, but it’s far from optimal.

So, what is it about the sun that makes it so much more effective than a heating lamp? Scientists have discovered that FIR plays an important part. Unlike conventional heat, which utilizes NIR (near infrared radiation), FIR can penetrate beyond the skin to heat our bodies entirely. This method has been used for decades with FIR barbecues to heat meat more thoroughly. And that’s exactly how FIR work.

Imagine a steak. If you cook it on a conventional oven, the outside is heated right away, and the steak looks ready to eat not long after you throw it on the grill. However, we all know that it takes a while for the inside to cook so that it’s safe enough to eat. Meanwhile, the outside becomes overcooked and tough. With FIR grills, FIR heats the steak evenly on both the inside and outside, making for a more evenly cooked, and delicious meal.

Now think of a heating pad. If we wrap it directly around an injured knee on the highest setting, it’s likely to burn our skin. In order for us to be able to bear the heat, we have to block it with a cloth or towel, or put it on the lowest setting. Meanwhile, our muscles and blood vessels are barely getting the heat they need in order to heal themselves.

The BioMat is like a heating pad, only it uses FIR. You can lay your entire body on it and it never gets too hot. In fact, you can even fall asleep on it, something a heating pad vehemently warns against. Meanwhile, not only your skin, but your muscles and blood vessels are being warmed. This is what makes sunlight so effective at warming us through and through, and this is how the BioMat works. The benefits are increased blood flow, reduced muscle spasms, removal of toxins, reduction of swelling, reduces soreness, and a wealth of others from an improved circulatory system.

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