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Go Wireless With Home Security

Whether you are moving into a new home or apartment or giving your current home a technology upgrade the advancements in wireless home security systems have made it a competitive alternative to traditional wired security in both safety and convenience.

While the initial costs may be more expensive a wireless system saves in that it requires no invasive drilling and wires making it perfect for the do it yourself type and people on the go to install and upgrade on their own without the need for hiring professionals.

While closed circuit and infrared cameras used to be more useful in identifying the details of a crime that has already happened than in security and crime prevention, current wireless technology allows streaming of footage from compatible security cameras directly to an iPhone or other smartphone device, allowing users to make use of home security systems wherever you have access to your phone.

If you do not have access to advanced cell phone hardware, most wireless home security systems also provide portable keypads and panic buttons so you can set and disarm your system as you are leaving and entering your home.

Wired and wireless home security systems contain the same basic elements. An alarm key panel to arm or disarm the system that also allows you to see the condition of set security zones, sensors for doors and windows to detect unauthorized opening, and motion sensors. Additionally purchased sensors can be easily programmed into your standing system, meaning you can upgrade your security on your time without having to call in professional installers.

Camera monitoring can be added on at any time to a pre-existing system or can be installed independently as your central security. Wireless camera monitors carry room for many additional units, allowing you to keep an eye on the interior and exterior of you home, from who is at your door to if the children are asleep.

Companies like Broadview now carry wireless systems, and will handle all aspects of the installation for you. GE Security’s trusted Simon brand is compatible with services to transmit your home security system controls to your cell phone and many additional brands are compatible with their products.

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